Personal information confidential policy

1.    Personal information collection
“Personal information” means the information about you with identification including but not limit to the name, I.D card number, driving license number, address, telephone number, gender, date of birth, email, occupation, identification in 3S app, your information in 3S app, your business field, any information about you which you have provided to Vinh Tuong Industry JSC via 3S app in any registration forms or similar forms and/or information about you will be collected, used and processed from time to time by Vinh Tuong Industry JSC.
The app does use third party services that may collect information used to identify you.
Link to privacy policy of third party service providers used by the app
Firebase Analytics
2.    Purpose and scope of use of information
Personal information supply of user is absolutely by consent. However, if the user do not provide information in 3S app then Vinh Tuong Industry JSC cannot process personal information of user for following purposes:
  • If the user is installer, personal information supply of the user is compulsory and no personal information supply will prevent Vinh Tuong – Gyproc to cooperate with the user to receive work via 3S app or website.
  • A part from personal information directly provided to Vinh Tuong – Gyproc, Vinh Tuong – Gyproc may collect personal information of the user from different sources such as:

- Filling in registration form or other similar forms;

- From other public sources such as phonebook;

- From social networks of Vinh Tuong – Gyproc, if the user follows, likes or if the user is a fan of such pages;

- When the user interacts with Vinh Tuong – Gyproc in any events or activities in the past or in the future.
- When the user participate in contests held by Vinh Tuong – Gyproc.
From other entities or agencies under management of Vinh Tuong – Gyproc; or via the use of websites of Vinh Tuong – Gyproc including all websites operated by Vinh Tuong – Gyproc under equivalent trade mark (Saint-Gobain, Vinh Tuong, Gyproc, DURAflex…). Personal information of user may be collected from cookies installed in websites.

  • General purpose:

- To answer questions, comments and responses of the user;
- To contact the user for any purposes listed hereof;
- To service for internal management purpose such as auditing, data analysis, database storage;
- To service purpose of finding, preventing and prosecuting crime;
- To help Vinh Tuong Industry JSC to follow obligations stipulated by the law;

  •  For user as project owner:

- To handle registrations of project owners related to construction of gypsum ceiling and wall;

- When project owner want to download and use 3S app (“Application”) or to provide App to project owner and project owner uses the App;
- To handle the participation of project owner in any events, activities, key groups, research, contests, discount programs, polls, survey or products;
- To understand and analyse our business as well as demands and preferencess of project owner;
- To develop, enhance and supply products and services to meet the demand of project owner;
- To contact with project owner

  • Purpose of marketing and advertisement:

- Vinh Tuong Industry JSC also uses and processes information of project owner via post, phone call, SMS, directly and/or via email
- Sending to project owner warnings, newsletters, updates, postal matter, promotional materials, privileges, congratulations on special occasions from Vinh Tuong - Gyproc
- Giving notice and invitation to project owner about events or activities held by Vinh Tuong Industry JSC, partner, sponsor or advertiser of Vinh Tuong Industry JSC;
- To handle registration of participation of project owner in events or activities and to contact project owner about project owner’s participation in such events or activities;
3.    Information storage period
Personal data of user will be stored until having requirement on cancellation or the user logs in and cancel by himself. Otherwise, in any circumstances, personal information of the user will be kept confidentially in the server of Vinh Tuong Industry JSC.
4.    Disclosure to Third party
Personal information of user may be transferred, accessed or disclosed to third party to serve for purposes and additional purposes. Besides, Vinh Tuong Industry JSC may work with other companies, service suppliers or individuals to perform functions; therefore, access right may be provided or personal information of user may be disclosed to the service suppliers or third party. Third party includes
- Partners of Vinh Tuong Industry JSC including partners in the event of Vinh Tuong Industry JSC, certain events, programs and activities;
- Event organizing companies and sponsors;
- Market research companies;
- Service suppliers including IT service suppliers related to infrastructure, software and development;
- Professional advisors and auditors including legal advisors and consultant experts;
- Other organizations in Vinh Tuong Industry JSC; and
- Governmental agencies to implement regulations of law.
Personal information may also be shared for transactions of enterprise; for example, selling branch or division, merging, unifying or selling assets, or in case of business dissolution.
5.    Address of company collecting and managing information
Vinh Tuong Industry Joint Stock Company
Lot C23A, Road  no. 11, Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park, Hiep Phuoc Commune, Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
6.    Method and tool for consumer to access and modify personal data
Relating to access right and/or modification of personal information of user, Vinh Tuong Industry JSC may reserve right to refuse request for access and/or modification of personal information of user for the reasons of permission of the law. If the user does not want the user’s information to be collected via cookies on websites, the user may disable cookies by modifying installation of internet browser of the user to disable or block cookies, by deleting user’s history or cache from internet browser of the user.
In case of claim or dispute related to personal information of user, Vinh Tuong Industry JSC emphasizes the negotiation and conciliation between the parties to maintain the trust of members to the service quality of Vinh Tuong Industry JSC with following steps:
Step 1: User complains about the personal information related to Vinh Tuong Industrial JSC by calling to hotline 18001218, or sending email to from 3S app and/or other methods which are not illegal.
Step 2: Project owner care division of Vinh Tuong Industry JSC will receive complaint of user, depending feature and level of the complaint, Vinh Tuong Industry JSC will have specific measures to support the user to settle such dispute and give the answer at the soonest to the user within 10 working days.
In case such dispute out of control and competence of settlement of Vinh Tuong Industry JSC, we will request the user to take the dispute to the competent Court for settlement in accordance with regulation of law.
Vinh Tuong Industry JSC respects and strictly implement regulations on protection of consumer’s rights and personal information. Thus, Vinh Tuong Industry JSC also requests the consumer to respect and follow this Perosnal information confidential policy and provide information fully and accurately. Any deception, fraud, infringement to legal rights and interests of other persons shall be condemned.
Affiliate to Third party’s website
Website may have affiliates to Third party’s websites. Please be noted that Vinh Tuong Industry JSC assumes no responsibility for collecting, using, maintaining, sharing or disclosing data and information of the third parties. If the user directly provides information to such websites, confidential policy and terms of use of such websites will be applicable and Vinh Tuong Industry JSC assumes no responsibility for any actions related to information process or confidential policies of the websites.
Personal information of minor children and other individuals
If the user is a father, a mother or a guardian, please do not allow minor children (perons under 18 (eighteen) under protection of the user to send personal information to Vinh Tuong Industry JSC. In case such personal information is provided to Vinh Tuong Industry JSC, by this way, the user accepts personal information processing of minor children and the user in person accepts and agrees to be bound by this Notice and assumes responsibility for the actions of the children.
In some cases, the user may provide personal information related to other individuals (for example, wife/husband, members in family or friends of the user) and in such cases, the user on behalf of and undertakes that the user is authorized to provide their personal information to Vinh Tuong Industry JSC and the user obtained their acceptance about their personal information will be used and processed as the way stated hereof.
Acknowledgement and acceptance
By using service in 3S app of Vinh Tuong – Gyproc or website at, the user acknowledges that the user has read and understood this Notices and agreed and accepted the use and processing and transfer of personal information of the user of Vinh Tuong Industry JSC as described hereof. In case the user does not agree with our terms, policies… (this version and updated versions), please do not access, download, install and use or uninstall the app from your device.
Vinh Tuong Industry JSC reserves right to amend, update or modify the terms of this Notices from time to time by announcing update notice on websites. After this Notice is amended, updated or modified, the user can continue use 3S app and website of Vinh Tuong – Gyproc, it means that the user accept such modification, update or amendment.
Undertaking of personal information confidential
Personal information of user in 3S app and website of Vinh Tuong – Gyproc is kept confidential by Vinh Tuong Industry JSC as personal information protection policy of Vinh Tuong – Gyproc. Collection and use of user’s information is only carried out in case of consent of the user except for other cases regulated by law. Vinh Tuong Industry JSC undertakes:
not to use, transfer, provide or disclose to any third party about personal information of the user without consent of the user. In case the server storing data is hacked and caused the loss of personal data of members, Vinh Tuong Industry JSC shall be responsible for notifying the case to competent agency for inspection promptly and giving notice to the user.
3S app and website management board requests for fully providing personal information such as full name, address, email, I.D card number, telephone number… when doing member registration and such information must be accuracy, legal. 3S app management board assumes no responsibility and does not settle any complaint related to interests and rights of the user in case of inaccurate personal information provided.